Child and Adolescent Therapy

When working with youth, I like to provide a variety of ways for them to express their inner world.  Some children like to sit and talk while others express themselves more comfortably through play.  Play is a medium for expressing feelings, describing experiences and exploring relationships. Many toys, games and art supplies are available to youth who feel more comfortable expressing themselves in this manner.  Looking at themes of play can be very helpful for children who may not have the verbal capacity to put their internal experiences into words.  Parents can also get guidance for the best ways to help your child. 

Adolescence is a challenging time.  Teens face social media, social and academic pressures, finding where they fit in, transitioning into adult life.  A safe and supportive environment is offered to allow teens to express and process their experiences while learning coping and problem solving skills as well as different perspectives to life's challenges. 

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