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About Me

My desire to be a psychologist has been a passion of mine since high school.  Understanding human behavior, including my own, and learning ways to create change became an important mission of mine.  I eventually went to graduate school and earned my Doctorate in Psychology at California School of Professional Psychology, an APA accredited school, in 1992.

I continued to look for opportunities to grow as a psychologist, which led me to volunteer my psychological services in Nairobi, Kenya.  While there I worked for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and mentored with a psychiatrist, who connected me to many Kenyans seeking stress management techniques. After a year, I returned to Los Angeles and worked with underserved clients at a community mental health center and was a supervisor at a residential group home for girls. I also facilitated groups for the terminally ill and for those grieving a loss.  I eventually moved to Denver and continued working with high-risk youth at a residential facility called Denver Children’s Home.  I supervised counselors and provided individual, group and family therapy.  I became licensed to practice psychology in Colorado in 1996.

Wanting to sharpen my skills as a psychologist and broaden my perspective, I moved to New Zealand where I became licensed to practice there. I worked with high-risk youth and joined a group practice where I supervised therapists and provided therapy to a wide range of individuals. I was struck by the prevalence of clients struggling with trauma, depression and anxiety which led me to place extra focus on these areas.  After two years in New Zealand, my family and I returned to Denver to establish my private practice. That was over fifteen years ago and I am still in awe of the strength and courage that clients display as they face their difficulties and process their experiences.

Ivy Sigel, Psy.D.

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