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What is anxiety?

Anxiety can display itself in many different forms, such as feeling jittery, muscle tension, difficulty controlling worry, and irritability.  Anxiety that does not subside can impact job performance, schoolwork or interactions with others. Feeling anxious is the way our brains tells us to be careful.  Yet, our brains can continue to tell us to be anxious even after the initial threat is gone.

What is my approach towards people with anxiety?

Many people who experience anxiety try to control it. In my experience, controlling your anxiety intensifies it. Instead, my approach is to offer tools to manage the anxiety and reduce the symptoms. This is done through a variety of techniques, such as changing negative patterns of thinking, mindfulness training, breathing exercises, stress management and habituating your nervous system. I will look at how your brain mechanisms are impacted by your life experiences and affect the body, mind and spirit. Using concepts from the science of neurobiology, I will create strategies to overcome your challenges. By understanding how anxiety impacts you, we will develop the tools that best work for you. 


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